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Born in 1976, in Cape Town, South Africa, I am a published author, poet and general word junkie. I have always utterly adored words – spoken and written – and have had a torrid affair with language since I can remember.

I self-published a poetry book/ journal called believe more deeply. in April 2018. My poetry has also been featured in print poetry anthologies and on poetry e-zines and websites.

In June 2018, my short story about racial identification as a young girl called “Orange, White and Blue” was published in the Life Righting Collective’s anthology, Tham Am How It Am, published by Jacana/ Fanele.

In August 2018, I published my “searing, brutal and breath-taking” (Rehana Rossouw) memoir, We Don’t Talk About It. Ever. (published by MFBooks Jhb/ Jacana) which chronicles my life’s struggles which include childhood sexual abuse, family dysfunction, addiction, struggles in recovery, toxic relationships and mental health concerns. It is, however, ultimately a story of redemption and hope.

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there is hope, always.

I am an experienced addictions and general counsellor with a long, impressive CV but an even bigger heart. I help people to stop hurting and to start living.

I work with people. I talk to people. I listen to people. I watch people take responsibility for their lives. I cry with them, laugh (a lot) with them. I teach, I learn, I do some growing of my own.

A postgraduate student from the University of Cape Town in 2019 (with Honours), I am also a director of two recovery-related companies. I am a lecturer on topics around addiction and related issues, and also facilitate workshops for adolescents about boundaries, consent, high-risk behaviour, emotional regulation and identifying toxic relationships.

I work with individuals, with women, with men, with young adults, couples, in groups. I am a sucker and a champion for the hopeless and the desperate. Ask anyone. I believe in hope and magic. But I am a realist and a cynic. I will tell you the truth and I’m not afraid to be temporarily unpopular.

Please contact me for counselling rates but please note that I am not contracted to medical aid schemes.

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we must talk about it. always.

I am a Change Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker. I believe in the inherent ability for anyone to change. My mantra is that that there is hope, always.

You can view my corporate workshops, available through Speakers Inc.

I obtained my Postgraduate Diploma (with Honours) from UCT in 2019 and am an Honorary staff member at the University of the Witwatersrand, where I am a consultant to the Family Medicine Centre. I also conduct lectures and supervise medical students in the Family Medicine faculty.

I am an addictions and general counsellor, and have worked together with adults and adolescents to help them overcome drug and alcohol dependence, eating disorders, sex, gambling and other self-defeating behaviours for the past 12 years. I work with family members affected by addiction too, as no lives are ever left untouched by the illness.

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